Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Your wedding is obviously a special day for you. Not only would you be writing a new chapter of your life, but you also get to do with someone that is so very special to you. And so, just like any good book, there needs to be the perfect ending to a chapter, to start writing a new one. And an ending of one chapter is a beginning to another. So before you start off writing the new chapter, you need to celebrate to get there. And that is exactly what a wedding is. A beautiful ending and a new beginning. However, you cannot say the same when it comes to wedding planning. So here are some tips that are sure to help you out with the tough task.

Get penning the guests

The first thing you have got to think of when you here wedding receptions from Yarra Valley, is the guests. Of course you would want to share your joy with every possible person that is close to you, but you have got to think of the spacing as well. and that is why it is important that you first sort out the guest list and pen down whom you are going to invite, who is priority and who could be skipped out. This way you have a proper head count of the number you want, to attend your marriage ceremony, and that will surely help you pick a good location as well.

Pick up the calendar and search

Another important thing that you need to consider after wedding venues is, the date you are planning to have the ceremony. You should make sure that you definitely avoid those Black Friday kind of crazy days, long mercantile holidays and even other busy public event hosting days. This is because there is probably going to be a lot of traffic jam and lack of room vacancies on such days. So you should definitely avoid them especially if you want your guests to arrive on time and in comfort!

The right meal plan

Obviously you can’t send your guests home starving. However, you also need to keep the cost you have to bear, in mind. And so, when choosing the kind of meals, you want to serve make sure that you choose the right kind depending on the guests that are supposed to be coming. For an example if you’ve got large guest list, then it would be alright to serve something that is reasonably inexpensive yet of a good quality, but if it is a small number of guests, then it is alright to spend a bit more on the cost for a meal, per head. So pick the right meal plan so that you can balance your cost out much more rationally. Make sure to also consider the weather for the day, especially if you are hosting a garden ceremony, and do prepare for emergencies as well! Celebrate and share your joy with all those that you love and make sure to write interesting chapters in the years to come!