Whats Special About Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef?

There will be no one who doesn’t appreciate the beautiful view of the ocean while standing on its shore. What a treat will it be when you can go in the waters and can enjoy the wonders of nature. Especially when you can watch the beauty of coral reefs, you will be amazed by the beauty of nature. The corals\’ reef contains more than 80% of marine life. This marine life is consisting of marine animal and plants. 

The coral reef is itself complex life structure which has its ecosystem. The coral reefs are perfect to see the whole new world underwater. This allows people to have a feel of aquatic life and allow us to swim with marine animals. Diving into the depth of water in the reefs will open a new world for you. One cannot imagine the beauty nature has created underwater. The great thing about this that you can enjoy the view while swimming in the water. You don’t have to spend energy in looking for natural beauty and it is far easier than going into the forest for the same. Generally going recreational water exploration is safer than going to the forest or mountain. A majority of marine life in coral reefs are harmless.? 

In Australia, if you want to have this experience. The most popular destination is coral bay Ningaloo Reef. This reef has all the elements which make this place worthy for a visit. Unlike other reefs, this is very easy to access. One just has to take flight from Perth to Ningaloo. Then there is 90 min drive from Ningaloo to coral bay. There you will be surprised by the beauty. There are various things which make this reef unique, for example: 

There shark sighting is very high at this reef. You will be able to get a chance to swim among sharks. Usually, those sharks are not harmful and the chances of any shark attack are minimal. So, this is ideal for thrill lovers and you can once a lifetime experience while floating along with sharks. 

  1. The other attraction of this reef is the Manta Rays. The Manta rays are a unique breed of fish, having a distinctive shape. The population of the manta ray is very dense at this reef. You can also view them diving out of the water with the help of the winglike flaps, and that’s view to watch. 
  2. Coral bay is one of the location in Australia where you can see humpback whales also. During July to October every year, the humpback whale migrates to coral bay. You will be in the state of awe when you will see this gigantic mammal floating in front of you. Personalized tours can also be arranged, to have in-water interaction with whales. If think, you are daredevil and want to interact with one of the biggest mammals on earth, then Coral bay is your place.?