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Most people think having a pet dog or puppy just involves a small task of going to the local pet shop and purchasing a dog that you prefer. The fact that puppies tend to be irresistibly cute does not help the case either. But it is once you take the dog or puppy to your house that you realize that there a million issues that you have over looked in your haste to buy your canine member. 

From littering issues to the regular maintenance that comes with having a dog, there are plenty of difficult situations that arise when you bring a dog home which have to be thought of before. If you are living in an apartment, it is important to remember that unless you are living in pet friendly serviced apartments, most apartments forbid the inhibiting of pets. This is something that a person should think about first and foremost. If you are really desperate to have a pet dog or even a cat, then you should consider moving to pet friendly accommodation Melbourne. If you live in a rented space, you should check the lease agreement for any clauses that say you cannot have pets in the house. If you do find evidence of such a clause, you can try to sit down and talk it out with your landlord and ask if there is anything to be done to change that. If he is quite insistent on not having pets, then you should give up the idea or move to another place where they are more open to the idea of having a pet. Some naive people think they can easily hide a pet in their house without gaining the notice of the landlord of the neighbors, but this is an extremely foolish notion that should not be followed up on. Getting caught with your pet can result in you losing your house and the consequences are greater because you also have to look after your pet and not only yourself. Another point you should also pay deep attention to is your financial status.

Having a pet dog is not a onetime transaction. There are plenty of other costs like the costs of quality dog food, the cost of regular vet visits and puppy training classes and find a place for your dog. In the long run these costs run to a pretty large and eye watering value. You can call the vet you are closest to and ask him a general description of how much the cost would run up to in order to gain a clear understanding of how much you would have to allocate for this purpose.