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Used to travelling a great deal? Fed up of overspending every time you do? Then the below tips and suggestions will be of great use to you…!

Know that organizing is key – a well organize trip can cost you a fair deal less; regardless to whether it’s a local trip, or a trip overseas. For example, you will be spending a great deal of money when you try to reserve last minute flight tickets, hotel bookin, and tourist activities; especially if you are travelling with family, or during high tourist season. Apart from this, you’ll also be spending money on things like toiletries, and emergency medications (sometimes more than what you would spend for it at home) if you forget to pack it. So be organized and preplan your trip.

Pre-book everything if possible – you’d be surprised at how cheap some Hong Kong hotel wedding venue can be, if you keep your eyes and ears open for discounts and special offers. There’s also a significant drop in the prices of flight tickets when they are reserved during the “off peak” months. Pre-booking whatever you can not only reduce the costs, it could also ensure that things run much smoother for you in your trip.

It’s perfectly alright to wait for offers and discounts – most people are a little weary about taking up discount flights or hotel reservations, wondering if there will be a significant difference in the service, just like the price. From our experience, this is not so in most cases. Just to be sure, do a little research and check on a few reviews before you make your booking on this page.

Be wise about the money you carry at hand – we are pretty sure you would have noticed by now that when you carry cash in your hand, your somehow end up spending far more than you originally intended to. Find out beforehand if your cards are valid in the country you intend to visit. If it is, only carry emergency cash on you, and handle the rest of the financial dealing with a DEBIT CARD. If it’s not possible, carry cash in separate folders. Separate the food, accommodation and spending/shopping money and use only the allocated money for the specific things.

Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from those who’ve already been at your destination – why waste good money on hotel reservations and restaurant reservation I you are only going to end up being disappointed by their services. Rather than getting stuck once you get there, try and ask for recommendations from friends and family who’ve recently visited your intended destination. Trust us, some websites can be pretty misleading.