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 If you stay in a hotel, then the housekeeping staff will disturb you many times to do the room’s service. You won’t enjoy cent percent privacy in a famous hotel. But, in a motel or guest house, your privacy will not be hindered. There are more reasons to stay in such hotel alternatives and those reasons are given below. 

Save Money – You can save more and more money just by staying in cheap motels. But, low price does not mean that the staff and rooms are awful and you will end up experiencing something horrible. This is because these don’t have all the facilities that one can get in modern hotels. Even, you can bargain with the owner of the accommodation or the receptionist to lower the cost. And if you are lucky, then you can stay in a good place in a reasonable price just by doing a bit of bargaining.  

Service is better – Expect to get a warm and better service from the staff members of these hotel alternatives. Actually, in most cases, owners take care of customers. So, you will be treated in a good way here than in a normal hotel. The owners try to give the home feeling to their numerous customers. You will get a friendly staff. Also, such place is good as an executive accommodation. You can ask for a guide to show you the beautiful and the most visited tourist spots of the country. The local guide can tell you which place to visit, where to buy things as well as some clothes from the market and which places you must not visit.  Visit this link for more info on executive accommodation Sydney.

It is Comfortable – It is true that you can get the chance to lie on a large sized bed in cottages or farm houses. But, this thing does not happen in famous 5 star or 4 star hotels. This is because many well-known hotels often have same sized rooms, where you will get beds of similar shapes and sizes. 

A fact – Some motels are spacious and you can park your car right next to your room. So, you will not tense about your car anymore.

Things to know – Many of such accommodations have a mini microwave and a small fridge. The kitchen is also small. But, it is guaranteed that you will get good quality food here. Even some modern houses have Wi-fi connection, so you can surf net freely and for long hours. You can get a standard place to stay in a good location.