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When making a trip to a new destination, you will have to consider what your accommodation options you have.  Most people might prefer to stay with the family members or friends that they are visiting – which can work out quite well if everyone gets along. However, it is understandable that when a place feels crowded, tensions arise – which is why sometimes staying at a hotel might be the better option.

More Privacy
If you are someone who is not very fond of large crowds or being cramped together with people for a long time – a hotel will definitely give you more privacy. You can also take some time out to yourself even if you are traveling with children, where they can have a separate room.  You can also use this time to get a have peaceful holiday without family drama and will have more space to hangout.

Avoid Over Crowding                                                                                        
A family hotel will have more options for big families or might even have special packages too – especially if there is large group. While spending a lot of time with family can be a good thing, when a home starts to feel overcrowded people can get a bit uncomfortable with each other since they cannot maintain their personal space. Some hotels will have special additions or family suites designed to make a family stay much more comfortable with extra beds or facilities.

Enjoy The Hotel Facilities
Staying at beautiful restaurants in Pattaya can also provide you with some great facilities that you can take advantage of when choosing a hotel over staying with family members. Hotels also provide laundry services and room service – and your room will always remain clean and tidy without you having to deal with the usual daily responsibilities during your holiday. In addition to this, if the home you are staying at does not have a guest room, you might not have comfortable sleeping options – whereas you can enjoy a goodnight’s sleep in a luxury room.

Less Sharing And Responsibilities
Another advantage of staying in a hotel is that you can leave and come in as you please without having to keep everyone informed on where you are going. You have more freedom to operate on your own schedule as you please and where to stay in Pattaya – even if you will be meeting with them later on. When you are staying over at someone’s home, you will have to help around or even take care of a few daily activities – since people will not be too happy if you take advantage of them.