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Sydney is not much a romantic city but there are many attractions to enjoy. So, if you are going to celebrate your anniversary or family time or dating, then you can think about Sydney. 

Botanical garden can be the most charming place where you can spend time with your partner; there are lots of trees and the ambience is very natural and romantic. The area is stretched almost 30 hectors and you can actually find peace of mind there or you can also arrange a picnic there. There are museums, picture galleries and many other cultural attractions you can enjoy a movie at the Sydney opera house and a dinner at the circular quay and if you are a shopaholic then you can also find many shops there. You can also opt for the best blue mountain tours in Sydney to spend some amazing time amidst natural wonders.

Observatory Hill Park is mainly famous for the wedding parties and there are many reasons why this park is famous among the couples. You can reach there by many trains from the Kent station.

The beautiful Sydney harbor and harbor bridge can be the most charming things for your eye as because you can actually enjoy the panoramic view. And when you will see these bridge and harbor it is actually impossible to tell what you will feel, you can arrange a picnic there with your family or friends. After exploring these attractions, you can inquire about the best blue mountain tours in Sydney.

You can plan a dinner at the balls head reserve because there are two good and romantic restaurants and their food is very delicious. You can also enjoy a great view of Sydney harbor there and easily spend a sunny day with your partner or family. There are many picnic areas and this place is actually famous for weekends to the Sydney people.

If you want the most stunning view, then go to the circular quay though this place is not that popular to the tourists but this place is very good to spend a lazy afternoon or a dinner or watching a movie at the Sydney opera house. There are many cafes and restaurants to eat and their food items are amazing so this can be the best place to enjoy a dinner with your partner. You can also able to see the beautiful view of Sydney harbor and bridge.

It is better to avoid weekend if you want to see the zoo because of heavy crowd. But there are special programs for couples if they want to enjoy their privacy. But if you want to date then go to glebe as there are beautiful cafes, shopping centers, etc.