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To find the best place in the world is not an easy task to complete, this requires huge experience and travel in a lifetime. There are many wonderful countries in this world and they are famous in various ways, so finding the best from them is not quite easy.

Thailand is among the best places to visit, celebrate your occasion and live. Also, Thailand is gaining popularity among those who are seeking for offshore wedding. To make your wedding memorable and exciting you can plan for Thailand wedding.

Here are some more reasons why Thailand is considered the best place to visit and live:One of the main reasons of living or visiting Thailand is their best food options and habits. You can taste everywhere you want such it may be a street food stall or a famous restaurant, you will find that the taste is just amazing. No country can replace the taste of Thai food. Arranging for a Thailand wedding will be memorable where the guest can not only enjoy the serene ambiance, but also taste the many different delicacies. There are various items you can taste, such as chili fish, pad Thai noodles, spicy papaya salad, tom yum soup and various types of fruit shake etc. Once you get the incredible tastes of Thai dishes, you will surely be fond of them and want to taste again and again.

Thai New Year is known as Songkran, this watery festival is held in the month of April. It is a very funny festival and people do lots of enjoyment at their best. This festival is generally organized for two or three days and the people of the country enjoy this festival fighting with water, they also use buckets, hose pipes or super soaker guns. From old people to monks they all take part in this festival, they all want to wipe away the sins and worries of the past year and want to start a new journey in the New Year taking new oath, chekc this awesome Phuket wedding.

Thai massage is among the best massage therapies available in the world.It is cheap and anybody can afford it just for a small amount of money in an hour. People of the country regularly take that massage to stay fit and healthy. 

Thai people are the best; you will find generosity, hospitality though they have lost their maximum property in the tsunami.

Even if you are a female visitor, you will find no problem visiting in the country, the police are very helpful. Local people are always ready to offer help if you need.