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When people plan for their holiday they mostly think to hire a hotel but there is also an option that can be a better option to stay than a hotel room. Yes, serviced apartments are there and they can be a better option to hotel booking. And these are also cheaper than a hotel.

Serviced apartments are like homes that give the required privacy to the guests but you will get a staff who will service your room as like hotel. When you have to live in a new city for your office or business purpose, then there is no need to hire costly hotel rooms. You can easily save your money to hire short term rentals or serviced apartment and can stay for several months.

If you have to stay in city for longer period of time, then also service apartments will be perfect choice as they offer you more space than hotel room. A serviced apartment also has separate living and dining space which are unavailable to hotel rooms. And if you are with your family or friends, then you can feel like your home as it totally like your home and no one will be there to disturb you in these short term rentals. And this is the most desired things which people want after a day of hectic schedule.

There are also many serviced apartments which have many bedrooms and bathrooms. And this can be very useful for family and groups who travel together because everyone wants privacy and peace while spending holiday. People avoid cooking when they are in holiday but there is also an option to cook for you in the serviced apartments. And this can be useful to store the extra food or making the breakfast or enjoy a new dish.

There are many hotels that annoy their guests by sending housekeeping several times in day, but if you hire serviced apartment then you can easily get rid of that. If you think that the item is not become trash yet, then you can simply deny to give it to housekeeper and also do your laundry yourself. But if you are in a hotel room, then housekeeping is complimentary and it can affect your privacy. Many hotels will do your laundry by their staffs but it is sometimes costly. But in these rentals you can get a washing machine where you can wash your own clothes and there is no need to spend huge amount of money. It is especially important when you are with your children; they often make their clothes dirty. You will also get amenities such as pool, conference hall etc. in the serviced apartments.