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Managing a business demands you to be strict and boss people around in order to get work done fast and efficiently. This management often comes with the cost of appearing as a dictator in the office. Without earning the respect of your staff, the only motivation they would have to listen to what you demand and carry them out is the fear of losing their job.

That situation is quite dire and ruins the work environment, which would ultimately result in damage to your business. It is important to maintain a healthy relationship, with margins, with all your employees. Be strict when required, but leave that strictness in the office when you leave. You shouldn’t do your studies in the playground and neither should you play within the class room as both are equally important to achieve your goals. In the same way large group accommodation have an enjoyable and comfortable stay, as strictness is necessity, entertaining your staff is equally important. Reward your employees when fit and treat your staff to occasional entertainment.

What entertainment can you provide?

Entertainment, though important, should have a budget that does not rely heavily on your companies funds. Good entertainment does not necessarily come with a big price tag. Surprises are always pleasant, okay maybe not always but generally surprises are nice and tends to create a rather lovely image about the organiser, so surprise your staff to a small spa treatment in the office itself, just a small manicure or head massage will do, a very cost effective way to pleasantly surprise and please your staff.

You can also order pizza for everyone during the lunch break, call everyone for a meeting and distribute the pizza and spend the lunch hour building better bonds within your team simply by eating and chatting away together.

To greater extend team building exercises, it is advised to opt for a more active approach like organising a tournaments for sports like soccer, tennis, basketball etc… You can also deploy a less physical approach by taking your employees for some sight seeing or simply to the beach, remember the more opportunities you create, the higher the chances that your staff creates new bonds and strengthens the ones that are already present. Rent function rooms for special holiday like Christmas and Halloween and organise a party at function venues in Cairns for all your staff and optionally your clients.

You can also use the help of your staff to decorate the function rooms, another remarkable team building exercise.

The benefits of entertaining your staff

Rewarding your employees for their hard work earns you their trust, love and respect. It will motivate them to give it their best when they’re working for you and put an effort to come up with ideas to help improve your business and also greatly increases the chance that they will stay loyal to you and your company. You also have the opportunity to apply for tax relief for the expenses of entertaining your staff.